I’m a Certified Health Coach. My Name is Margaret and I have been an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach since 2012.  I love traveling, traditional remedies, cooking, photography, gardening, making thing with my hands and spending real time with family and friends. I remember being amazed at how herbal remedies and essential oils were recommended along with standard medicines.  I’ve always held an interest in making herbal teas and other remedies for colds and preventative alternatives.

At work, I was known as the HEALTH GURU, when my co-workers needed advise on issue such as hair loss, fatigue, weight loss, joint pains and how to incorporated natural vitamins into their diet they would come to my office with there inquires.

I know from personal experience that our bodies can heal themselves, if we give it the right environment.

I was suffering with sciatic, which left me unable to walk or sit for extended periods of time. This was partically due to me working two eight hour jobs. The position as a manager that I held  in the daytime was extremely stressful sometimes working late leaving little time to get home to prepare a healthy meal for myself and family before leaving out for the next job.

There was never enough time to do the things I love most, like prepare a healthy meal for the family, to see friends and actually make or finish projects that were laid out from my favorite TV show or magazine. I just want time and space to feel healthy again!  I needed time to breath and relax!

In 2011 my youngest son encouraged me to pursue a Health Coach career. He would say Mom! You’re always helping someone with their health, you should quit working and pursue your love career.

In 2011 I did just that and in 2012 I graduate from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

In 2015 after 39 years with the District of Columbia Government I departed the stressful 9to5 managerial position. I left and decided to launch my career in which I was certified  in as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I’ve lost over 60 pounds in the past year, through daily exercises, I started walking every day, the footpath of the parks was my road with no rush hour traffic. I changed my diet, no process foods, no sugar, no bread, no pasta, no starches. I didn’t need any coffee or energy boosters two or three times a day. The lifestyle change I could sleep for more than 4 hours, and I no longer suffer with the chronic sciatic pain or obesity. I now run 4.5 miles in less then an hour (Not bad for a 62 year old woman) every other day.

I coach women and families that need a program to reverse or change unhealthy eating habits, and who are suffering from sugar blues and binge eating we use online programs, in-person appointments and online workshops.

My Grandmother was right: We are what we eat!

Simple changes to your food, lifestyle and beauty routine can deliver big results to how you look AND how you feel.

Simple steps to improve your mood and happiness instantly.

Get Started Now!

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